Allowing rational thinking to enter our lives helps us make better decisions.


We can’t be good at everything. There are always scenarios and situations that require us to make the right judgment and the best decision.

The principle of finding oneself

1. read across boundaries to allow for cognitive or informational cachet
There is so much news and information on the internet, for example, some authors write heart-warming book recommendations, and with special offers from retailers, it’s very quick to place an order for a book. What I’m trying to say is, let the bullets fly, and let the cognition and information take a moment to settle in your mind and your life.
We need to allow for redundancy of information while we continue to read books in a single area of thought. Try crossing over to books or articles you’ve never read before.

For example, Ji Jianqiang, the CEO of Geek Time, shared with Geek Tribe that he had recently bought a lot of free books: the Murakami Asahi Hall series, the Alan Burton collection, and the Blue East Europe series, which are enough for a while. When you do too much business stuff, you especially want to read these seemingly useless free books, which is very thirst-quenching.
For those of you working hard for a living, exposure to different cross border perspectives through reading may surprise you with unexpected ideas, and when we taste the specialties of different places, there are some ingredients that you may know, but the combination of ingredients and cooking techniques make for unexpectedly delicious food.
When the knowledge or information is slowed down, it may open the mind to find a solution from a different perspective. 2.



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