Perhaps we can look at what is happening in the world from a different perspective and viewpoint that will give you some answers.

4 min readFeb 21, 2022


Article | Ye Xiaojian

### What is Systematic Thinking?

One afternoon, I opened the book “[How to Think Systematically](" written by Chiu Chiu-Liang. I saw these two paragraphs…

> According to Daniel Kim, systems thinking is a way of seeing and analyzing the real world that helps us better understand and be kind to the systems that affect our lives.

> Ross D. Arnold and Jon P. Wade argue that systems thinking is a synergistic set of analytical skills used to improve people’s ability to identify and understand systems in order to better predict their behavior and design interventions to achieve desired outcomes. These skills operate synergistically as a system.

An individual’s feelings about systems thinking are a person’s values or principles of action that shape how you think about a problem or thing.

We often say what you think about the issue or how you think about the problem, and this thinking will vary with our life circumstances and workplace situations, and experience and patterns and insights will affect you.

Sometimes we work not only with the work itself, but also with some complex needs or deal with some things. Facing complicated things is like Russian nesting dolls, you have to unwrap them layer by layer to see the gift inside, and each layer is made of different materials and types, the unwrapping method is also different.

— -The material and type of each layer are different.

### Why is this important?

I recently bought the abdominal wheel and received the product with an instruction sheet, which is the introductory use and advanced use of the product. Advanced use is difficult, and not using the product correctly may cause muscle damage.

What influences you to open this manual to read it and add your own opinion to decide whether to follow the book or give a different viewpoint?

How you think or how you look at the manual is your system, and you use it to get the muscles or the healthy body you want.

The system thinking analogy is to open the umbrella to keep the rain out so you don’t get wet.

Why is it important? Because the world is made up of many colors, and what we need is the ability to distinguish colors to live with us. This ability, I think, is thinking.

— -I think it is the ability to think.

### How do I do it?

Assuming that systems thinking is disassembled thinking, what tools do I use to act? Here are some recommended places to start…

##### Writing things down

Anxiety is when we are faced with something that is on our mind and we can’t stop thinking about it or we don’t know what to do.

Generally speaking, there are a lot of things that are very complicated and you care about them.

The first step in thinking is to write things down on white paper so that they can unfold in reality, not in your head.

##### Start with an area of interest

Turn on your curiosity and start with your interests. Find a situation that interests you, such as taking pictures on your phone or playing a musical instrument, or writing.

Sometimes interest comes from a sense of accomplishment, and when you finish something, you will get confidence and achievement.

##### Learn by doing by substituting examples from life or work

For example, if you read a book about writing and feel passionate about it and want to write, choose a platform to post your articles, and set the number of words to be posted once a week or once every two weeks, between 1,500 and 2,000 words each time.

Start by accumulating your work, write it down on your calendar, and set the date to publish your article. Learn as you go, posting articles and making adjustments as you go. There is no perfection, only continuous occurrence.

##### Use the concept of timeline to look at things.

When we think about a problem, sometimes we may see the present moment in front of us, and then we have to bring in the front and back of the timeline, which is to look at the front and back. Before we see the timeline, we need to pay attention to something or do something; after the timeline, what will happen and what we need to check and master.

— —

### Summary

When we walk in the workplace, we all have a set of rules to follow. Systematic thinking or thinking models are another way to look at what is happening in the world and give you answers.

Using a different way of thinking about the world allows you to find answers to your life. Use certain tools, such as writing things down, starting with what interests you, applying examples from your life or work, learning by doing, and finally applying the concept of timeline.

Life is a long road, we need insights and patterns, and we need knowledge and experience to gain skills. Make life a little harder, work a little more challenging, think a little more extended, and maybe you can do that.

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